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Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs Service - Toowoomba

Darling Downs Hospital And Health Service

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About Us

The Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Service (ATODS) is a community focused service for anyone affected by alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, opiates, amphetamines, inhalants and prescription drugs. This comprehensive service provides a range of services which include: * assessment * treatment * follow up * information and referral * support * community education * prevention activities * health promoting activities Referrals are accepted from either the client themselves or a third party.

Quick Facts About The Region

Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs Service - Toowoomba is located in the suburb of South Toowoomba, the customer service centre of Toowoomba in the council of Toowoomba Region, the state electorate of Toowoomba South and the federal electorate of Groom.