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About Us

Family & Child Connect is a community based intake and referral service that helps at-risk and vulnerable families connect with the services they need to safely care for their children at home. The service helps families to receive the help they need before their problems escalate, requiring Child Safety to intervene. When a referral is made to Family & Child Connect an initial assessment of the concern is undertaken and a range of responses are considered. Responses include: Information & Advice: Information & advice are provided to the referrer as to how they can respond. This may include advice on how to keep the family engaged and information on local support services that may be able to help. Referral to a support service: Assist the referrer to refer the family to a support service. The service may assist the referrer to gain the families consent to the referral, and facilitate engagement between the referrer and the support service to ensure a smooth process. Active engagement & Referral to Intensive Family Support services: Where families have multiple or complex needs, Family & Child Connect engages them in a more detailed needs assessment and seeks their consent to be referred to an Intensive family Support service. Anyone can contact Family & Child Connect for general advice and information, including parents, family members, young people and other community members and services

Quick Facts About The Region

Family & Child Connect - Hyde Park is located in the suburb of Hyde Park, the council of Townsville, the state electorate of Townsville and the federal electorate of Herbert.