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Starting at The Pocket, participants follow a red paved walkway out to the Grays Bay top car park turn around point to then follow the same walkway back through the start line and continue to make their way out to the end of Hansen Park. Once at the Hansen Park basketball court it is a left turn onto a short dirt trail travelling in a clockwise direction to meet up with the red paved walkway again, to retrace their steps back towards The Pocket. Once participants re-enter the parkland area of The Pocket, take a left turn at the yellow bollards and follow another dirt trail overlooking the water of Queens Bay before reaching the turnaround marker to retrace steps back to the yellow bollards. Here participants head towards the course start but continue through to Barker Park and Grays Bay top car park once more where they turn around and make the final leg back to the course start line back at The Pocket. Facilities Toilet blocks at Grays Bay and Hansen Park end of course. Two Parking areas available near to the Start / Finish as well as at Barker Park, Grays and Horseshoe Bays. Several picnic tables along the course from start to finish along with the occasional drinking fountain and waste bin. Children’s play area at Barker Park, Case Park and Hansen Park. Bag dispensers for those with dogs are along the course. Getting There Location of startThe run starts at The Pocket. Getting there by public transportNo public buses available at this time. Getting there on footFrom Horseshoe Bay resorts, walk along the red walking path that passes Grays Bay and Queens Bay until you see the start line at The Pocket. It is approximately a 400m walk from Horseshoe Bay Getting there by roadFrom town - 5mins - Drive from Herbert Street to Woolworths and take a right turn at the intersection onto Soldiers Road. Travel along Soldiers Road to the Big 4 Caravan Park on the corner of Soldiers Road and Horseshoe Bay Road. Here, turn right and follow Horseshoe Bay Road to The Pocket. For reference, Murray Bay Road is on the opposite side of The Pocket. Post Run Coffee Every week we grab a post parkrun coffee in Meraki Whitsundays - please come and join us!

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parkrun - Bowen is located in the suburb of Bowen, the council of Whitsunday, the state electorate of Burdekin and the federal electorate of Dawson.