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CAIRNS MOBILE: JP Service Centre


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About Us

The CAIRNS MOBILE: JP Service Centre is a FREE service supported by the JPs FNQ GROUP for the benefit of the local Community and, provided with professional JP services by fully trained and duly registered Queensland Justices of the Peace.

These JP services are specifically for Cairns community members who qualify as being diagnosed with a debilitating Mobility Impairment and, are either a resident or patient in a following abode:

  • Aged Care Facility
  • Hospital
  • Hospice
  • Private Residence

JP Team Members are highly trained and qualified to witness and certify an extensive array of legal documents and other services that include, but not limited to:


True copies of original documents, inclusive of:

  • Border Protection & Immigration Forms
  • Identity Forms & documents
  • Legal & Court related Forms & documents


  • Administering Oaths and Affirmations
  • Advance Health Directives
  • Affidavits – Federal & State Courts
  • Last Wills & Testament
  • Powers of Attorney (Enduring & General)
  • Statutory declarations (State & National)
  • Witnessing Land Registry documents (State & National)
  • Witnessing Legal documents (State; National & International)


Advance Health Directive (AHD)

Every competent adult has the legal right to accept or refuse any recommended health care. This is relatively easy when people are well and can speak for themselves. Unfortunately, during severe illness people are often unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate their wishes—at the very time when many critical decisions need to be made. By completing an Advance Health Directive, you can make your wishes known before this happens.

Enduring Power Of Attorney (EPA)

For the person appointing an attorney… by completing this EPA document, you can give a person of your choice the power to take decisions on your behalf about:

  • Personal/Health matters and/or
  • Financial matters.

An EPA explains, in question-and-answer form, what you need to know to complete the document properly. Because you are the person principally concerned, you are referred to as ‘the principal’.

What is enduring power of attorney?

Power of attorney is the legal power to make decisions on someone else’s behalf. ‘Enduring’ simply means that the power continues even if the person giving it loses the (testamentary) capacity to make decisions


Quick Facts About The Region

CAIRNS MOBILE: JP Service Centre is located in the suburb of Cairns City, the council of Cairns, the state electorate of Cairns and the federal electorate of Leichhardt.