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About Us

We designed the CUSP Solution to strip costs sustainably, lift the administrative burden from hard-working organisations, and create every opportunity for disability service providers to thrive under the NDIS. We work collaboratively with providers considering outsourcing their administrative functions.

Cusp uses best-of-breed business processes, CRM, Case Management, and Mobile Workforce Management solutions to sustainably deliver administrative functions for providers, ensuring they not only survive but prosper in the NDIS world.

Moreover, Cusp allows providers to stay focussed on providing sustainable services and support to communities in need. 

IT transitions are complex, typically carry a high up front cost, and if managed as a first-of-a-kind transition, there is a high risk of failure. Without scale and standardisation, software vendors are not incentivised to improve their pricing. 

CUSP allows your organisation to stay focused on the most important things; supporting your clients and providing great services.

Quick Facts About The Region

Connecting Up is located in the suburb of Adelaide, the council of Adelaide City and the federal electorate of Adelaide.