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About Us

safe steps Family Violence Response Centre provides at no cost a range of professional support services for women and children experiencing violence and abuse from a partner or ex-partner, another family member or someone close to them.

Keeping you and your children safe whether you are still in the relationship or have left it is our priority.

Family violence is unacceptable and can take many forms.

It includes behaviour that is violent, threatening, intimidating or controlling and causes you and your children to be fearful.

We know how hard it can be to make a call to seek help and to acknowledge that you are not being treated properly. You may be feeling confused, have lost confidence in your own judgement and your ability to make decisions, or to make any changes in your life.

When you call the safe steps 24/7 response service, keeping you and your children safe, whether you are still in the relationship or have left it is our priority. safe steps crisis support advocates are on hand to help you explore your options and to escape abuse.

Our services include:

Risk assessment to establish how safe you and your children are

Crisis accommodation if you are at risk and need to leave the abusive environment

Safety planning if there is risk of violence in the future and you need to leave suddenly

Support to enable you to make decisions for a safer future

Information about options, rights and entitlements

Helping you and your children to stay safely in your own home while the violent or abusive person is required by law to leave or to leave your home (sometimes temporarily) until the abuser leaves

Advocacy with support services, the police and criminal justice systems, legal services, Centrelink, schools

Referral by putting you in touch with local support agencies

Telephone support and information for non-offending family members and friends

Quick Facts About The Region

safe steps Family Violence Response Centre is located in the suburb of Melbourne, the council of Melbourne City and the federal electorate of Melbourne.