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About Us

At GYFT we’re focused on the future of work – how industries are changing and where the opportunities in employment lie for individuals, particularly those who might require support. We understand that all individuals want to work purposefully, aligned to their values and making an impact. As mental health Occupational Therapists, we specialise in psychology, the skills, knowledge and working relationship clients require to understand what is unique about what they have to offer in employment and how to sustain their personal and quality of life while working. While we are able to work with individuals who have or have had a mental health or disability issue, we are a coaching and support service, rather than a psychosocial disability service. We are more than happy to take phone calls/emails to ascertain whether our service can assist clients in their pursuit for employment while sustaining their health. 

Our service equips clients:

  • to understand what is unique about how they contribute to work and what they're capable of
  • to understand the kind of purpose, culture, role and context they best thrive in
  • increase their confidence and ability to express their value in the recruitment and employment process. We educate clients on what HR departments are looking for with resumes and cover letters and how to read and discern the culture, skills match and opportunity in advertised roles
  • with hands on support looking for roles which match their ability and capability
  • support through initial stages of starting a job, particularly with mental health issues which may arise as a result of change
  • with understanding what to consider in the process of finding vocation/employment - making decisions about further education, what might be required for further professional and personal development, defining a career path in order to make shorter term decisions with each job in building up their ideal career
  • where possible we draw on the networks available to us to resource clients with their ongoing development and career.


Quick Facts About The Region

Get Your Future Together Pty Ltd is located in the suburb of Fitzroy, the council of Yarra City and the federal electorate of Melbourne.