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BirdLife Nhill

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About Us

BirdLife Nhill (previously the Bird Observers Club) was formed in 1985 and was a branch of Bird Observation and Conservation Australia.  Field trips within driving distance of Nhill are held almost every month at weekends,  and once or twice a year we have a weekend “camp-out” to somewhere further away or interstate where different birds are to be seen. Some favourite birding places around Nhill are Glenlee Reserve where we have established a bird hide, Nhill Lake and Boardwalk which also has a hide, Lake Hindmarsh, and to the North the Big desert and to the South the Little Desert.  We have also built a bird hide at Mallee Dam where there is a dam with permanent water. Now with water in the lakes and swamps the bird life, especially water birds are abundant, and Mallee fowl mounds are being worked after years of very little breeding.

We are basically a social group who enjoy outings in the bush, a break away from the working week and getting together with a group of people with the same love of birds. A number of our members are now retired but still enjoy the timeout, as well as long caravan trips to add sightings to their bird list.  So we are not as physically active as in the past but still keep a keen interest in conservation issues.  Last year we planted small shrubs on an island in Nhill’s lake, to encourage small birds to the area. We try to have someone available if the schools invite us to give talks or lead children on an outing to try out binoculars and generally learn about our birds.

Signature bird for the local Shire is the Lowan bird or Mallee Fowl, a shy bird but you might be lucky enough to glimpse one on a quiet walk in the bush, or a cheeky Scrub Robin scuttling by.  Other birds you are sure to see or hear are various Honeyeaters, Pardalotes, Fairy Wrens, Robins, Whistlers; and this is only a small sample of the abundant bird life in our area. On two occasions recently visiting Birdo’s have told our members that this is the best area for birds that they have been to, with such a variety of habitats.

Nhill Lake bird hide

Future Birdos

Sculpture of Malleefowl


President – Rod Stanford Ph 53911675  
Secretary – Sadie Williams Ph 53913142  
Vice-President – Austin Mackenzie Ph 53911221

Quick Facts About The Region

BirdLife Nhill is located in the suburb of Nhill, the council of Hindmarsh Shire and the federal electorate of Mallee.