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About Us

VANISH provides information and support for members of the community who have been separated from their family of origin by adoption, donor conception, and out-of-home care. 

Our services are currently available to:

  • people affected by adoption (domestic and intercountry) - mothers, fathers, adopted persons, adoptive parents and family members of all these people. 
  • people affected by donor conception.
  • Forgotten Australians - former wards of state, defacto adoptees and/or those who were voluntarily placed in institutions or foster care in Victoria.

Services are free if the adoption and/or ‘out of home care’ took place in Victoria. There are however, costs associated with obtaining relevant certificates, files and records. VANISH extends its services to persons from interstate and overseas for a small fee.

VANISH, a community organisation based on the self-help model, offers a support service that aims to empower individuals to make informed decisions. Most staff members have a personal experience of separation from family and so are able to empathise with service users and offer appropriate assistance and support.

Privacy, anonymity and needs of service users are respected at all times.

Quick Facts About The Region

VANISH INC. is located in the suburb of North Melbourne, the council of Melbourne City and the federal electorate of Melbourne.