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About Us

The Links Support & Consulting Services Story!

Around the beginning of 2019, sitting around the dining room table at home, Links Support & Consulting Services was started by Byson Turner as a small sole-trader business. Byson has extensive experience in nursing, disability support, Positive Behaviour Support, supporting people through the justice system, and coordination of supports. Byson started out small, just supporting a few people privately. From the start he always had the ethos of providing high quality support that was person centered, and along with supporting the person, also supporting the family or guardian This was especially needed when many were entering the new and sometimes confusing world of the NDIS!

Within a few months, people were approaching Byson as they had heard how he genuinely cared about the people he was supporting and the families felt at ease knowing their family members were being provided high quality support that was focused on supporting the person to achieve their goals.

In May 2019, Byson formally registered Links Support & Consulting Services Pty Ltd as a company and employed a small number of staff to start helping him out, as there were a few new families asking him to support their loved ones! As the months went on, more and more families approached Byson for support, and as there was now a need for more essential administration work to go alongside supporting people, Byson employed some new staff, for doing both support work and admin work.

While the office had in this time moved from the dining table to the spare bedroom, Byson was always on the end of a phone to ensure they were supported to provide high quality support to our customers, it was getting a little cramped. Eventually he decided it was time to get an office space, in an Arcade off York Street, a base for people to visit. This ensured we were able to get to know everyone within the growing Links Family.

The next few months flew by, and word got out that there was a new agency in town that was very person centered and listened to both the customers and their families and we started growing quickly! It was quickly becoming evident we needed more admin staff and support workers to help cope with the growth, meaning a move to a slightly bigger office on Aberdeen Street, this time with room to grow.

Within the year, we had grown so much that we had over 30 customers, around 70 support workers, plus we had engaged a support coordinator. On the day that the signage on Aberdeen Street was erected, Links signed the lease on a much bigger office on Peels Place, where we now continue to flourish.

We now have Managers, Coordinators, Team Leaders, a HR officer, Rostering and Admin staff and two support coordinators. We all work together to ensure that the people we support are able to achieve their goals. We love that having a big enough office now, that we still get regular visits from our customers, their families, and our highly valued staff so we can continue to ensure that we know everyone.

We have helped some staff get started in this industry, having never worked in it before and some staff who have had lots of experience who train our new staff. When we choose staff to work with Links, we always ensure their values match those of the Links family. Skills can be taught, but if we have staff who believe that the person being supported, and their family are always at the forefront of any situation then they are off to a good start. The families of the people we support, also all match our values, and genuinely want the best outcomes for their loved ones!

We strive to always ensure the people we support, their families and our staff are listened too, valued and our support is of the highest quality and person centred. We listen and act on any queries or concerns at once and make sure that everyone who is a part of the Links family feels just like they are a part of our family!

We hope to continue to grow and ensure people get the high-quality support needed to live their best life possible.

People for people, achieving goals and outcomes in their community!

Quick Facts About The Region

Links Support and Consulting Services is located in the suburb of Albany, the council of Albany and the federal electorate of O'connor.