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About Us

A variety of services is offered to members - health care team, education about multiple sclerosis, home visiting nurse, referral to other support services, advice in the choice of aids, advice regarding home alterations, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, home visits by professional staff, financial counselling and some aid, massage, heated swimming pool, volunteer support. peer support & program, advice benefits and grants, respite and camps Provision of society care & management of individually funded There are Outreach groups in Rockingham, Albany, Beach Boro, Wilson, and Bunbury. Contact MS WA for details on these groups. Respite care is provided for up to 4 weeks in a 4 bedroom house with 24 hour staff at City Beach. Members living in the country can contact the Health Team by telephoning 1800 287 367.

Activities: Recreation, craft, massage, painting, self help and mutual support groups, support groups, swimming

Fees: $20 annual Membership

Available To: People with multiple sclerosis

Supporting Disabilities: Physical disabilities, multiple sclerosis

Accessibility: Wheelchair access, accessible swimming pool, accessible toilets and showers/bathroom

Publications: Newsletter "Bulletin"

Resources: Resource centre, printed information about multiple sclerosis, technical equipment information, supply, demonstration and counselling