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990 AM Information Radio


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About Us

This is a regular radio service, majoring in providing information for people who cannot read print or who cannot easily do so.It is broadcast on 990 kHz (AM band) for 24 hours a day. There is a live service, using volunteer readers from 6am till 11pm daily, and BBC World Broadcasting Service is aired throughout the night. This service covers a wide range of print information with a strong emphasis on current news and local and interstate newspapers and magazines. Please ring for more information.

Activities: Radio reading service of benefit to people with a print disability

Open: Broadcast 24 hours a day

Available To: People who, for whatever reason cannot access normal, high turnover print material such asnewspapers, magazines, books etc.

Supporting Disabilities: all

Accessibility: You only need a radio!

Publications: Program Guide

Quick Facts About The Region

990 AM Information Radio is located in the suburb of Welshpool, the council of Canning and the federal electorate of Swan.