John Milne Centre

East Metropolitan Health Service

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About Us

The John Milne Centre (JMC) is a 12-bed inpatient intensive mental health rehabilitation and treatment unit for adults aged 18 and over with severe and enduring mental illnesses and associated functional deficits. This unit is not authorised under the Mental Health Act for admission of involuntary patients.

The multidisciplinary service provides medium term rehabilitation and treatment for patients to enable them to live in the community and function at their optimal level. Anticipated median length of stay is 3 months.

The JMC provides a service to adults with an enduring mental illness, whose ability to achieve long term recovery from their illness is compromised and who:

  • require a high level of treatment and support to achieve recovery
  • would benefit from intensive rehabilitation to enable them to live in the community, and to function at their optimal level
  • demonstrate willingness to participate in the rehabilitation and treatment program

It is anticipated that the majority of people who are referred to the JMC are those with a psychotic illness and functional impairments. Admission of patients from the target population will be guided by the referral criteria.

Only referrals completed on the JMC Referral Form will be accepted. Please contact the JMC staff on phone extension 63500 if you require copies.  Referral should be completed and contain all required information.

The referral will be discussed at the JMC Intake meeting (occurs twice weekly) and if deemed appropriate, an initial assessment will be undertaken by the Centre's team. The JMC medical team will be part of the assessment and assessments will normally be conducted at Bentley Health Service campus.

The Centre is located at H Block.

Quick Facts About The Region

Bentley Hospital is located in the suburb of Bentley, the council of Canning and the federal electorate of Swan.