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About Us

The YBOP houses offer a structured and safe environment to young people aged between 10 and 17 years of age who have been placed on supervised bail by the magistrate when a responsible adult could not be located. The program is designed to meet the individual needs of each young person, including daily activities planned in collaboration with the young person, day program worker and Youth Justice Services.

Physical and mental health, basic hygiene, education and life skills are priority areas and are the focus of the day programs in which the young participants are involved.

Hope’s YBOP staff always strive to foster a culturally appropriate and safe environment for the young people participating. Aboriginality is acknowledged and celebrated by staff members, who strive to create a culturally safe environment and to make the young people feel proud and strong in their own identity.

Leavers Week

Hope has been providing support to young people during leaver’s week for a number of years now, offering a safe space and support for young people in crisis or under the influence. Ahead of the holiday week, Hope travels to local schools to give preparatory talks, providing information about how to celebrate safely. During the week, teams are dispatched to the Southwest and Rotttnest Island. A team of volunteers and staff man the outreach vans as well as the recovery and sobering up areas in Rottnest and the south, where they see thousands of young people over several nights. We welcome inquiries about volunteering during Leavers Week activities.

Quick Facts About The Region

Hope Community Services - Armadale is located in the suburb of Armadale, the council of Armadale and the federal electorate of Burt.