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Education/advocacy and support mental health services


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About Us

This program's primary role is community education on men's holistic wellbeing and health. This is delivered in three ways:

Warrior Education Sessions (Please refer to "Links"  "Brochures" on our website for our range of education topics).  We talk about blokes physical, mental and social / spiritual wellbeing.

Fast Track Pit Stop An interactive wellbeing and health awareness and listening tool that is themed around the servicing of a vehicle including: - Waist Measurement - (Chassis) - Blood Pressure - (Oil Pressure) - Coping Skills - (Shock Absorbers)

Advocacy - we support positive change concerning men's wellbeing and health by promoting the motto ... before it all gets too much ... Talk to a Mate!!; providing personal short term resilience support referral pathways; providing critical links to professional services; continuing to pioneer men's holistic health and wellbeing at every opportunity.

The slogan "...before it all gets too much...Talk to a Mate!!" is the basis of all our initiatives. Mateship, empathy and the appropriate use of humour is the key to connectness in our programs and presentations.