Abuse & Assault Services

About Us

The Family Violence Service provides information and support on dealing with violence in intimate or family relationships, including those between: partners - married, de facto or otherwise; ex partners; same sex couples; family members; children of either member of a couple; live-in carers. The free and confidential service provides information advocacy and support to people who have experienced violence in their relationships. Specially trained staff can assist with: discussing specific violence issues and the options available to deal with them; developing a safety plan|completing court-related documents; applying for a violence restraining order; preparing for court and in-court support; information about ongoing court matters; accessing services such as counselling, police, legal assistance, medical care and other relevant agencies.

Quick Facts About The Region

Fremantle Family Violence Service is located in the suburb of Fremantle, the council of Fremantle and the federal electorate of Fremantle.