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Travel Health Fremantle

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About Us

Travel Health Plus is about more than just travel. We are an organisation dedicated to keeping people protected throughout their life. We offer vaccinations for children, adults, seniors, workers, students and of course travellers – as dedicated specialists in this niche field, Travel Health Plus is the place to be held in good hands. Our experienced doctors, nurses, and clinicians can guide you through the decision making process to reduce the risk of illness overseas, including appropriate vaccines and medical supplies, whether it be a simple family holiday to Asia or an overland trek through Africa or South America.We also offer essential vaccines for non-travellers, such as routine annual influenza vaccines for those at risk, whooping cough for pregnant women and those expecting a newborn in the family, Q fever for those at occupational risk, shingles vaccine for the elderly and routine childhood immunisations, including the new meningococcal B vaccine (Bexsero). You can also see one of our doctors for pre-employment, offshore or diving medicals. We pride ourselves on fulfilling the needs and requirements of each individual who steps into our clinic.

Quick Facts About The Region

Travel Health Fremantle - Beaconsfield is located in the suburb of Beaconsfield, the council of Fremantle and the federal electorate of Fremantle.