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Physical with Disabilities Western Australia Inc


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About Us

The State Council is autonomous and will identify and take action on state or local issues.Federal issues will be dealt with but also referred to the Physical Disability Council of Australia as our federal 'peak' body. Residents of WA have the opportunity of commenting on major issues affecting people with disabilities, which can then be communicated, direct to State Government, or local council. Membership is open to any person with a disability, or family members and others. Please ring for details of meeting times and resources.

Activities: Workshops, consultation, information via the Internet's email and newsletters

Open: No specific office hours

Fees: Membership $5

Available To: People with physical disabilities

Supporting Disabilities: Physical disabilities

Publications: Nil

Resources: Information, advocacy, representation, referrals

Quick Facts About The Region

Physical with Disabilities Western Australia Inc is located in the suburb of Nedlands, the council of Nedlands and the federal electorate of Curtin.