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Creative Expression Centre for Arts Therapy and Reflections Art Studio

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About Us

The Creative Expression Centre for Arts Therapy (CECAT) is a therapeutic creative arts service that utilises a range of creative mediums and processes to assist in the recovery of young people and adults with a primary diagnosis of mental illness. This therapy provides an alternative to talking therapies, with a primary focus of resolving trauma and mood related disorders and the effects this has on a person’s functioning.  This approach to therapy benefits those with kinesthetic-tactile and visual learning styles.

CECAT is a free service and accepts both public and private clients.

How long can someone attend CECAT?

Attendance at CECAT is for up to three years and provides up to four sessions a week, dependent on a consumer’s therapy goals. Attendance beyond this time must be negotiated and is based on consumer need. Consumers may be re-referred to CECAT as many times as needed if there is evidence of significant trauma or life events requiring intervention.

Who is eligible?

  • Persons with a primary diagnosis of mental illness 
  • Aged between 16 and 65 years 
  • Are motivated to change  
  • Are able to collaborate and cooperate with others
  • Have cognitive ability for symbolic thinking
  • Have some insight into their behaviour and the impact on others 
  • Have available practical and emotional support from a mental health professional 
  • Have a capacity for therapeutic relationships. 

Who is not suitable?

  • Those with secondary, moderate to severe developmental or pervasive learning disorders, brain injury or other organic disorders 
  • People with a persistent and severe mental illness requiring long-term support
  • Verbally or physically aggressive persons
  • People requiring assistance with self-care or mobility, unless an external support person can assist them onsite. 


CECAT Services accepts referrals from mental health professionals , such as psychiatrists, social workers, clinical psychologists, occupational therapists, registered nurses and GPs, who case manage their clients. 

Note: While the Centre is based at Graylands Health Campus, the Reflections Art Studio (tel: 08 9227 9083) is located at 125 Aberdeen St, Northbridge.

Quick Facts About The Region

Graylands Hospital Campus is located in the suburb of Mount Claremont, the council of Nedlands and the federal electorate of Curtin.