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Womens Sport Foundation of Western Australia


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About Us

The Women's Sport Foundation of WA is a non-profit organisation.It was established to increase participation and raise the profile of girls and women in sport and physical activity. Please ring for details of clubs that provide facilities, assistance, or encouragement for women with disabilities who would like to participate.

Activities: Sport, physical activity

Fees: No details on fees

Available To: Member of a womens sport or interested person

Accessibility: No details on access

Publications: Manuals on aerobics, health and activities. Posters, athlete card games. Books 'Hormones and Female Athletic Performance', 'Pursuing Excellence', 'Wom

Resources: Coaching, training, competition

Quick Facts About The Region

Womens Sport Foundation of Western Australia is located in the suburb of Mount Claremont, the council of Nedlands and the federal electorate of Curtin.