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About Us

In Australia, NSEP’s have prevented tens of thousands of cases of Hep C and HIV infection among people who inject drugs and, in turn, have protected the rest of the community.

An investment in NSEP of $243 million across Australia in the 10 years between 2000 and 2009, produced savings of 140,000 life years and $5.85 billion through the prevention of 32,050 HIV and 96,667 hepatitis C infections.

For every $1 we spend on NSEP’s we save $27. Effectively, each time an NSEP worker has handed out a fit pack it has contributed to $100 in savings to society.

How our NSEP Staff Can Help

• First thing we offer you is a friendly smile and a non-judgmental welcoming environment.

• If you bring back your used injecting equipment you will get new, sterile equipment for free or at a discounted price.

• We can share our knowledge about safer injecting and harm reduction via brief interventions.

• You can access a large range of equipment. If you are not sure what you need, we can help.

• We can show you the safe disposal way and give you the containers you need to keep you and your community safe.

• We want to continuously improve our service for you; sometimes we will ask for your valued feedback via surveys.

• We can link you into other services and programs, like our Health Clinic and Peer Education programs. If we do not have the right person or program for you, then we will refer you to other agencies or external programs.

• If you are having trouble with your pharmacotherapy (Methadone or Suboxone) program, we can connect you with our ORPACS worker.

• We have an abundance of free resources full of up to date harm reduction info.

Quick Facts About The Region

Peer Based Harm Reduction WA - Perth is located in the suburb of Perth, the council of Perth and the federal electorate of Perth.