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About Us

The Pilbara Community Alcohol and Drug Service aims to engage directly with individuals, families and communities to: 

  • Prevent problems arising from alcohol and other drug use. 
  • Provide treatment support for people struggling with their wellbeing. 
  • Community support to assist communities in becoming more resilient in coping with the effects of alcohol and other drugs 

Services provided by the Pilbara Community Alcohol and Drug Service are focused on not only reducing levels of alcohol and drug related harm, but improving the general health and wellbeing, relationships, engagement, and general living conditions within Pilbara communities. From the service locations in South Hedland, Karratha, Newman and Tom Price, Clinical Case Managers engage with small and remote communities through outreach trips. 

Who is eligible for support? Any person who is seeking support to improve their health and wellbeing can access our services. This includes; 

  • Aboriginal people and communities 
  • Children and young people 
  • People with mental health and alcohol and other drug concerns 
  • People in rural and remote area 
  • Families/significant others of people with alcohol and other drug concerns 
  • People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds 
  • People who have interacted with the criminal justice system