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About Us

AnglicareWA is a not for profit community service organisation. We support people, families and their communities to cope with the challenges of life by building their resilience and capacity. We assist people with relationship issues, financial problems, and housing difficulties. Ultimately, we want our clients to thrive in today’s society. We work with people from all walks of life – from Kununurra in the north to Albany in the south, from street corners to the halls of Parliament. We seek to influence policy makers and are widely respected for our expertise, leadership and capacity to drive positive and lasting change. Our philosophy is to support people through each stage of life’s journey. Our services are available to all members of the community and our work is achieved in a spirit of reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Western Australians. Services: Making Ends Meet Parent Adolescent Counselling Service (PACS) Supported Housing Assistance Program (SHAP) ARBOR Family and Domestic Violence Counselling Service Child Sexual Abuse Services Financial Counselling Making Ends Meet Parent Adolescent Counselling Service (PACS) Anglicare WA Relationship Counselling Supporting Children After Separation Supported Housing Assistance Program (SHAP) Family Relationship Service for Carers Young Hearts Employee Assistance Program Royal Commission Support Service

Quick Facts About The Region

Anglicare WA - Rockingham is located in the suburb of Rockingham, the council of Rockingham and the federal electorate of Brand.