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Richmond Wellbeing - Hearing Voices Support Group - Fremantle

Richmond Wellbeing

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About Us

This group explores living well with voices and /or visions. What do these experiences mean to you? An inclusive and non judgemental environment.

This support group offers a safe environment to enable acceptance of hearing voices and to promote recovery for people who hear distressing voices. People who share the experience of hearing voices come together to support each other, to exchange information and learn from each other. The group is coordinated by Richmond Wellbeing as part of the Hearing Voices Network of WA.

Please contact the group facilitator prior to attending a hearing voices group for the first time.

Quick Facts About The Region

Richmond Wellbeing - Hearing Voices Support Group - Fremantle is located in the suburb of South Fremantle, the council of Fremantle and the federal electorate of Fremantle.