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Kids Camps is a parent run organisation whose aim is to provide students with an intellectual disability with quality recreation and socialisation through camps experiences.It is also seen as an alternative to residential or institutional respite care during school holidays. We organise nine, six day specialised camps during the year, corresponding with school holidays. These are staffed by community volunteers at a ratio of one to one, up to one to three (carer child ratio), with paid camp supervisors taking overall responsibility for camps. The specialised camps can be used as a stepping stone for children to enter into generic services. All camps are age appropriate - we offer specific age groups of approximately a five year age range. Kids Camps also provides eight small weekend camps per year and assists children to attend generic camping programmes.

Activities: Recreation camp, community based activities ie Ten-pin bowling, fun parks etc

Fees: $30 membership fee

Available To: Students with an intellectual disability who live at home, and walk unassisted

Supporting Disabilities: Intellectual disabilities

Accessibility: Nil - must be able to walk unassisted

Publications: Kids Camps News (Quarterly)

Quick Facts About The Region

Kids Camps Inc is located in the suburb of Subiaco, the council of Subiaco and the federal electorate of Curtin.