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About Us

Mental Health and Wellbeing Australia (Me Well) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Neami National offering a range of NDIS services to help you reach your goals. Our services can include working one on one with our support workers, working with a group, working with peer workers, or working towards becoming a peer worker yourself. We help you to plan and manage the services supporting your journey to recovery. We can also help you to understand your rights as a consumer. Including what to do when you are unhappy with support services. This site was previously located at Neami Bentley. Support Services We believe recovery is an individual process and that with the right kind of support each person can move towards a life that matches their values and goals for the future. We can help you with: Independence and support with daily life Relationships and social skills Wellbeing and recreation Nutrition and health advice and support Learning, education and employment preparation (Individual and Group) Social and community participation Living arrangements Creative and Artistic endeavours Transport training and support Specialist groups to assist in your mental health recovery Our staff support you along the way and help connect you with other services in your local community. Specialist Services With our understanding of complex mental health concerns, our staff can support you through the NDIS process. Our local staff are highly trained in mental health recovery. We also have staff with a wide range of complementary qualifications including Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Psychology, Social Work and Public Health. Our specialist services can support you with: Individual functional and behavioural assessments Behaviour management plans and training in behaviour management strategies Specialist behavioural intervention support Occupational Therapy Specialist individual support Employment related assessments Group therapy including our specialist groups to assist in your mental health recovery Coordination of supports with Neami Our Coordination of Support service helps you to plan and manage your lifestyle by coordinating and linking different mental health services. We help you to access services and get what you need from them to improve your health and meet your goals. This service can help you with: Connecting to a range of support services that will help you to live a life that you choose Helping you to understand your NDIS plan and supporting you to choose the right services for your needs Sorting out disagreements or problems with service providers Support during crisis situations Special support coordination when you need help to overcome barriers and deal with complex situations Building your capacity and resilience Developing your skills and confidence so you can manage your service providers in future. Eligibility and referrals If you have a support package, you can access our service now. Talk to your coordinator about choosing Me Well as your NDIS service provider. If you don’t have an NDIS support package yet we can work with you to find out how to apply. For further information on any of our services, contact us on 08 6252 0420