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Archery Society of Western Australia


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About Us

This is the central body for Archery in Western Australia. The Society exists for the promotion and development of archery in all its facets - target, field, clout, flight and indoor. It carries out the necessary organisation to provide its members with opportunities to participate in these events at the club, state, national and international level. To this end, coaching and judging courses are conducted to induct members or supporters into assisting with the sport.All other administration matters are the responsibility of the competitors as there are no paid staff, either full or part time. Our sport does not provide specific activities for people with disabilities but treats them as any able bodied person other than collecting arrows from the target for them.

Activities: Archery, sport, recreation

Available To: All welcome

Supporting Disabilities: Physical disabilities

Accessibility: Limited wheelchair access, accessible stadium, accessible toilets, shower/bathroom facilities

Resources: Information, archery lessons, coaching

Quick Facts About The Region

Archery Society of Western Australia is located in the suburb of Marangaroo, the council of Wanneroo and the federal electorate of Cowan.