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About Us

Aims to bring the benefits and joy of cycling to all people. Provides and creates bikes for people with a disability.

Regular Tricycles for people with balance problems, weakness on one side, able to weight bear then you should be able to ride our tricycle. Low geared and fixed wheel to help with the ride. If that is not enough we have steering that is controlled from the rear of the trike, if the rider doesn't have the ability to steer or avoid an oncoming collision with whatever, the steering can be taken over by the parent/carer at any time.

Recumbent Tricycles with a wheel chair height supportive seat and Harness, able to use a hoist to position the rider, steering from the rear for parent, fixed wheel so the rider is getting exercise while being pushed and enjoying the ride into the bargain.

Side by Side Tandems so you can keep an eye on your disabled rider, can have backrest or foot supports. Good for people who are sight impaired, getting the same input as someone with sight.

Glider for someone without arms, lean to turn in the direction you wish to go.

Hand Pedaled for someone who can't use their legs, fully adjustable for size and can be taken apart for carrying in the car. Has floppy let support if needed, now also has steering from the rear and the hand pedals are adjustable to make the rider's experience more beneficial.

U-Scoots needs no balance, has 2 treads and you push in between. Good for leg extension, and you can push with either leg. Lots of fun.

Unique trikes like our Spinner for 4 yrs up to Adult, huge amount of fun and helps with fine motor skills. This is the bigger version of the one you could get for the kids, even has the adults thinking how to go straight.

Hand and Foot Pedaled to keep the use of either legs or arms. Good if you tire easily give the legs a brake and use the arms.

Many accessories like backrests, supportive seats, High backrest with harness, pedal extenders, adjustable pedal arms and many more.

If you don't live close to cycle tracks or live in a hilly area where you can't ride, we make a carry rack for the car which can take a tricycle and 2 bicycles on the tow ball on the back of your car. We will also make you a carrier for the oppositions trikes as well.

We manufacture so we can make to measure, and are always finding that someone needs some new innovation which we are happy to try if it will get another person riding.

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