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Yilgarn History Museum

Yilgarn History Museum

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About Us

Visit the earliest Registrar’s Office in Western Australia and the courthouse, now the Museum, built in 1892.“Look for gold towards the constellation of the Southern Cross,” they said. And there it was found. From here began the Gold Rush to Coolgardie, and the richest cubic mile of earth in the world Kalgoorlie’s Golden Mile.Southern Cross, standing as it does, where the Agricultural areas meet the Mining regions, is in unique position, and its History Museum contains a collection of artefacts, records and memorabilia from both areas.Displays IncludeA Prospectors CampProspecting GearMineralsAuthentic 5-Head Stamp BatteryAgricultural, Transport & Water Supply ItemsBottle CollectionEarly Educational ItemsPhotos & Citations of Yilgarn Servicemen

Quick Facts About The Region

Yilgarn History Museum is located in the suburb of Southern Cross, the council of Yilgarn and the federal electorate of Durack.