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About Us

The Office of the Adult Guardian is an independent body, working to protect the rights and interests of adults who have an impaired capacity to make their own decisions. We strive to ensure that everyone is treated equally, regardless of their state of mind or health. Headed by a person appointed by the Governor in Council as the state’s official Adult Guardian, we exercise the Adult Guardian’s powers and functions independent of government and non-government organisations. While independent of the government of the day, the Office of the Adult Guardian is accountable to the people of Queensland by reporting to Parliament through the Minister for Justice and Attorney-General. Our charter is to: •Make personal and health decisions for adults with impaired capacity if we are their guardian or attorney •Investigate allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation of adults with impaired capacity •Advocate and mediate for people with impaired capacity, and educate the public on the guardianship system.

Quick Facts About The Region

Office of the Public Guardian is located in the suburb of Brisbane City, the ward of Central in the council of Brisbane, the state electorate of Mcconnel and the federal electorate of Brisbane.