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Why My Community Directory?

My Community Directory has been designed to help Queensland families to get to the right service at the right time. It is also a useful resource for both public users and the Community Sector to create shortlists to share lisings with friends, or professionals via text or social media.

My  Community Directory Features (public and members)

Information Sharing - Both listings and favorites can be shared through email social media or downloaded and shared as a PDF (which can be printed) - The lists can be saved and used in other applications.

Report errors and feedback - Users can report errors or leave feedback

Easy management of user profiles - Once an organisation has registered users can manage profiles themselves and invite other users to help maintain their information.

Cross Platform Mobility - users can access My Community Directory on phones, tablets and a range of web browsers

Local vs Outreach Services - Listings on the left are located locally, on the right site outreach services can be viewed.

Service Mapping Use 3 different Map Search featuresto see a visual representation of all the services on a map  – Access My Community allows users all to view public transport options using Google Maps

Comprensive Listings & Search - Services can provide a range of information about the services they provide (allwoing users to idetify) 

  • Deductible Gift Recipient: users can search an outlets Deductible Gift Recipient status
  • Status: users can identify which entity type they are looking for, such as Australian Private Company, Fixed trust, etc
  • Wheelchair Access: users can organisations that have/don't have wheelchair access
  • Referral Requirement: users can search whether you need a referral service or not. 
  • Access Fee: users can identify whether there is a fee to access the service or not.


Search - Search My Community Directory with more detailed contact information for outlets in your region, as well as Advanced Search options also available for logged in Members.

Advanced Search (Members) - We've just rolled out a brand new design for My community Directory and enhanced many of the features of our site. One of the most exciting updates is the "Advanced Search" member's feature. This is the first time ever on My Community Directory that you are able to refine your searches to service options, location options or organisation options of the outlet you're looking for. 

Shortlists or (favorites) and different accounts: uses can save selected services and information to their short lists and can access this information. Our lists are linked to the database live and updated as changes are made in the database. These lists are available later. Users can log in to an account and access extra information. Save lists of your Favourite searches on My Community Directory,  then print or email those searches to clients and colleagues to manage your client referrals. Simply look for the “Heart” icon when searching for listings as a member.

Statistics - (members only) Includes usage rates for your My Community Directory listing, what services people are most needing to find, and statistics on how many and what type of organisations are registered.

Communicate (selected members) Selected Council and Government members have access to the Community Broadcast platform to email organisations in their region directly from their My Community Directory Dashboard.

Download - Download information on all the available community services, by category, in your region. We have improved our download feature to allow you to “Refine your Criteria” and search for more specific detail in your download. You can also download by Service, Outlet or Contact information.

Edit Your Listing information - View, Add or Edit the My Community Directory listings you operate. You can also assign new staff and volunteers their own “profile” to access your membership features. Selected Council and Government members also have permission to Edit the listing information of community organisations in their region.

Google Translate - My Community Directory now uses Google Translate, the free multilingual translation service, to help translate our website pages from one language to another. With over 60 different languages available, it is now even easier for everyone to find the services they are looking for. Please note that all translations are provided by a third party - Google Inc. and you can contact them if you have any feedback regarding the accuracy of their translations.

Members Centre Navigation at your Fingertips

Our clear and easy to use helps you navigate your My Community Directory listing options and features.





Public Listing

Add your service to the Directory to help people find you. You can include detailed descriptions of what you do, links to your website and social media, as well as collecting email referrals through the directory




Editable Listing

Keep control of your information by logging in and updating your details as they change.




Outlet Accreditations

Do you provide an exceptional service? Apply to have your listing “accredited” to highlight the great work you do.




Save Favourite Listings A great case management tool for finding and listing referral options. 1 10 1000

Own Listing Statistics

See how many people are viewing your MCD listing.




Regional Statistics

See what type of services are most in demand for your region.




Service Map

View a map of your region, with a breakdown by service – great for planning and referral.




Advanced Search

Find a service base on their web address, email, phone number of ABN.




Create team-level favourites

Create favourites lists which can be shared across your location

  X X

Resource List

View extra contact information for community organisations in your searches.




Around Me

Customised, branded lists of your local community services and activities.




Service Linker

The online, regional attendance register for people accessing community services.




Produce a printed directory

Create a PDF directory of services in your region branded with your logo.

Write comments against listings

Add comments to listings which are internal to your organisation. Comments are self-moderated by the organisation.


Create organisation and team-level favourites

Create favourites lists which can be shared across your organisation     X

Download local data

See who provides similar services locally in an excel spreadsheet.

  Add-on Add-on

Add-ons are availiable as an additional purchase with your membership.

If you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear from you. You can contact us by email or on 1300 762 515.