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State & Federal Government Department Memberships


Government agencies play a significant role in supporting community networks that deliver social impact. 


My Community Directory has been developed with the specific requirements of State and Federal Government in mind and is continuing to add datasets and features to drive greater insights for policy and funding solutions for Australia's largest employing industry, the critical Health and Community Services Industry.


My Community Directory provides up-to-date information to State and Federal Governments that can be used in a range of ways to support, manage, map and coordinate internally and externally funded programs and services and provide insights that drive policy directions.


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Why is this useful?

Add new Dept. listings

Promote and increase access to Government services

Update/Change Dept. listings

Update your information as it changes

Display listings online/ offline

Maintain control of your information

Safe public email contact for Dept. listings

Adheres to Privacy and Spam regulations

Multiple staff logins

So that all Departmental staff have access to the great MCD features

Integrated email platform to communicate with all organisations in your region

Promote, Consult and Inform local and regional communities

Resource List of Manager contacts

View extra contact information for community organisations in your searches

Edit details of organisations listed in your region

Update information on behalf of community organisations

Upgraded Search options

Find listings based on their web address, email type, phone number or ABN

Save Favourite Listings

A great tool for finding and listing referral options for residents or internal clients

Advanced Data Download of all organisations

Create a real time spread sheet from the Directory with comprehensive information on your local community organisations

Access Dept. listing statistics

See how many people are viewing your Departmental services on MCD

Access regional statistics

See what type of services are most in demand for your region.

Access Community Sector Mapping

View an interactive map of your  region, with a breakdown by service type – essential for planning, funding and policy activities