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About Us

  • All of StandBy’s services are free-of-charge, and the mobile number 0438 150 180 is accessible 24/7.

  • Service Delivery: StandBy offers face-to-face support to anyone whom is impacted after a death by suicide regardless of whether the death was recent or long ago. This includes, but is not limited to, individuals, couples, families, first responders, helpers, community groups and workplaces – whether they knew the person who has died or whether they witnessed the death. The service is provided by outreach - we go to the clients rather than you having to come to our office. The service is accessible by self-referral or referral through another agency/health worker.

  • Training: StandBy offers a suite of psychoeducational workshops and training to the community and other service agencies around suicide postvention, working with the impact of suicide and suicide bereavement, which can also be tailored to meet the needs of the participants.

  • Community Engagement and Development: StandBy endeavours to continue to collaborate in community partnerships and build further relationships within the human services industry whilst also representing suicide postvention and suicide bereavement support for community development initiatives. The service provides an integrated response that utilises existing emergency and community support mechanisms. Agencies are welcome to contact with enquiries or questions.