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Tailored Directory Service

Tailored Directory Service

We’ll help you develop a tailored directory for your community.

Create Your Own Tailored Directory

We work with our partners to collect and share information to support their local community. By offering a full-service support desk, as well as running a series of automatic checks through our platform that highlight potential issues with information, we help our partners to manage information and maintain a valuable community resource.
We encourage any community and health organisation to list for free on My Community Directory to create a comprehensive directory of valuable services that can be widely shared.
You understand your local community. We understand the importance of supporting communities on a local level by sharing information in various ways.
We currently have over 30,000 services listed on My Community Directory – and are growing every day! We are passionate about having real conversations with local communities to identify real needs and find solutions that support the health and well-being of all Australians.

Active Data Management

Maintaining the accuracy of information has been a historical issue for many directories as they grow and evolve. We answer this challenge by actively managing the information we hold. We seek out confirmation that what we know is up to date by cross-referencing our information with multiple third-party data sources.

Control, Without the Cost

You control what is available to users of your directory: by geography, type of service or class of organisation. Set the rules and let the system manage itself or carefully qualify every listing, it's your choice.

Understand the Impact

Go far beyond what Google Analytics provides. Look at where the demand exists for a class of service and cross reference that with other data sources such as population statistics. Every interaction with the directory is tracked and measured while carefully ensuring the privacy of the end user.

Big Picture Thinking, Local Understanding

We map an organisations real footprint within Australia; understanding how it operates both corporately and regionally and mapping it's reach not just it's office space. You can finally answer the question of who services a specific suburb or town.

Some of Our Custom Directories

SWMPF Volunteering and Contact ACT ACT Government Partners in Recovery SpotOnHealth

Over 1,000,000 people used My Community Directory in the last year so we really understand what it takes to make a directory successful. This is our core business and we are passionate about delivering a compelling solution to meet the needs of the community, government and the sector.

Leverage our understanding and our tools for your needs. We provide all the building blocks you need including:

  • Self-management of listings
  • Protection of listed services from SPAM
  • Responsive websites which work anywhere, on any device
  • Advanced search with synonym and full text support
  • Comprehensive security and access controls
  • A modern API for integration and reporting purposes
  • Advanced statistics and data analytics
  • Integrated mapping and directions
  • Language translation services
  • Highly functional Apple iOS and Android apps
  • Advanced features for you and your community, ready and waiting to be taken advantage of

Would you like to find how we can help you? Contact our team today.


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