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All Resources > Mutual, Aboriginal, Alcohol Services in Victoria

Mutual, Aboriginal, Alcohol Services in Victoria


Peer support groups provide mutual support and information to people who have, or have had, difficulties with their alcohol use. Some groups are specifically for support of family members of people with difficulties in relation to alcohol. Some Community Health Centres also offer support groups.


Aboriginal alcohol services aim to provide culturally appropriate prevention, education, information and support programs for Koori people. Services are provided on a regional basis, with specialist programs for Koori young people. Services include:

  • Koori Community Alcohol and Drug Workers - provide information, education activities, development and maintenance of community linkages, referrals, counselling interventions, the provision of advice to generalist services, liaising with relevant programs and fulfilling an advocacy role on behalf of the clients.
  • Koori Community Alcohol and Drug Resource Workers - provide an alternative to incarceration for aboriginal persons who are found to be alcohol and drug affected in public. It provides short-term accommodation of an average of 48 hours in a safe non-threatening environment, which is focused on meeting the needs of the individual and the continuity of care through appropriate referral processes.
  • Koori Residential Rehabilitation Services

For further information contact DIRECTLINE, the AUSTRALIAN DRUG FOUNDATION, or see the following links:

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