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Nullarbor, South Australia

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The Nullarbor Roadhouse is the access point for adventure on the expansive Nullarbor Plain. This roadhouse is much more than a service station, as it includes a motel, restaurant and caravan park. It is adjacent to the historic Nullarbor Homestead. The Nullarbor Plain itself is 77,000 square miles and stretches 720km. Not surprisingly, the name comes from the Latin 'Nullus' and 'Arbor', meaning 'no trees'. The Nullarbor region is one of the largest semi arid Karst landforms in the world. There are a variety of caves across this sunburnt landscape, including Murrawijinie Caves north of the roadhouse which have been approved for public access. There's also the Koonalda Cave and Bunabie Blowhole that may be viewed from the top. Most caves however, can only be accessed in the company of National Parks and Wildlife officers, or with an accredited caving group. Just south east of Nullabor is the magnificent Head of Bight, where Southern Right Whales can be seen on their annual migration from June to October.

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