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Springton, South Australia

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A peaceful hamlet in the hills, east of the Barossa Ranges; Springton is renowned for two very different beverages – milk and wine. The high rainfall produces lush green pastures and dairy farming has been the backbone of the region’s economy since the 1850s. Herds of Holstein-Fresian cows are still run on the land today. The rich soil and elevated position, is also excellent for viticulture; with white varieties, in particular, gaining an outstanding reputation. Modern vignerons in the region are among the Barossa’s most adventurous and are keenly experimenting with Viognier and other lesser-known varietals. Intersperse your exploration of local wines with a visit to the Herbig Family Tree. Desperately poor upon arriving in South Australia, Friedrich Herbig settled in a 24-metre, old, hollowed-out redgum, the same tree which the first two of his sixteen children were born. Visit the historic Friedensberg Historic German School Museum: a small, single-room stone building which operated as a school during the weekdays and a church on the weekends in the 1860s.

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