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About Us

The Samaritans is a Western Australian based not for profit organisation working towards a society in which fewer people die by suicide. Our helpline is available to callers both locally and nationally, Samaritans is available every day to all individuals, from all walks of life.

As an organisation, we believe people who are experiencing feelings of distress and despair, including those who may be at risk of suicide, have the right to receive anonymous, non-judgemental, non-religious emotional support, every day from specially trained volunteers.

As such, everything a Caller tells a Samaritan, including the fact that they have contacted us, is 100% confidential to the Samaritans.

We work in partnership with schools, health and counseling services and community organisations as well as individuals. By providing these services we hope to promote a better understanding in the Australian Community about positive mental health, suicide prevention and the value of expressing feelings.

What we do

Our Vision

A society in which fewer individuals die by suicide.

Our Mission

To offer non-religious, non-judgemental and confidential emotional support to the lonely, despairing, suicidal, or those at risk of becoming so.


Our Values
  •  The importance of having support to explore feelings
  • That being listened to, in confidence, and acceptance without prejudice can alleviate despair and suicidal feelings
  • That everyone has the right to make fundamental decisions about their own life
Our Objectives
  • Offer emotional support at any hour of the day or night to people passing through a personal crisis and those who are in danger of suicide
  • To prepare volunteers to enable them to help the depressed and suicidal by complying with Samaritans principles and practices
  • Raise awareness and support of the organisation so we may provide our services to as many who need it

To find out how you can help us help others, contact us today.

Quick Facts About The Region

The Samaritans Crisis Line is located in the suburb of Subiaco, the council of Subiaco and the federal electorate of Curtin.