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About Us

Abundant Water is a not-for-profit organisation bringing clean drinking water to those who need it in developing nations. We direct 100% of all monies raised to our project costs, funding sustainable clean water solutions in areas of greatest need.

We work on a collaborative development model. For collaborative, think Wikipedia and for development think Doctors Without Borders.

We take the power and inherent advantages of the open source design process and modern technology to bring together interested and motivated people to help make a difference toaround a major problem in the world today.

Our aim is to develop the simplest and cheapest basic water filter possible, for maximum availability and impact. We call it the Really Simple Water Filter.

Our volunteers come from all over the globe; from the developed World, the developing World, the Northern Hemisphere, and the Southern.

We are people just like you who have recognised global challenges and have felt compelled to act. We work from the belief that from many little actions, by many little people, big results grow.

We are committed to using our existing skills, resources, and attributes to developing a field tested and tried water filter. Everyone is welcome to use the information and design of this filter.