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About Us

It is a Queensland wide service that operates between the hours of 9am and midnight, 7 days a week.
Mensline Queensland offers professional counselling and information, and acts as a strategic point of referral for Queensland men around issues of:

  • Domestic and family violence
  • Relationship problems and separation issues
  • Men’s health
  • Child support
  • Family law issues
  • Suicide and other significant issues for men.

“When my partner left me and took the kids, I was a mess…alternating between rage, confusion and depression. I knew I had problems with my temper but didn’t know where to start until I called Mensline. All sorts of things had been going through my head, but instead of stuffing things up forever, the guys at Mensline helped me understand I was not alone and gave me support to get myself sorted out.”  – David, 34

Mensline recognises that domestic and family violence happens within all cultures, all demographic and socio economic groups, at all ages and between de facto and married relationships; within intimate personal relationships including same sex relationships, between family members and in informal care relationships

Importantly Mensline Queensland offers specialist assistance for men who are seeking help and looking for ways to address their own use of violence and other destructive patterns in their personal lives and relationships, as well as those who may be (or have been) victims of violence themselves.

Mensline Queensland also receives calls from people seeking information about these, and related issues, such as family members, parents and friends.

In addition Mensline counsellors maintain a wide data base of state-wide services, groups and courses, and are able to direct callers to services in their local areas for ongoing support – from the Torres Strait to Tweed Heads.

Mensline understands that at times it may be difficult for some men to discuss their feelings or personal situation, and our telephone counsellors are particularly experienced and keen to assist men with achieving better outcomes for themselves and their families.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           TOP

How we do things

DVConnect Mensline provides professional, non-judgemental  safety focused counselling and a referral service for men in Queensland ; We actively support men in the following ways:-

  • We acknowledge that there may be many varied underlying issues for men who experience difficulties in their relationships
  • We offer support, information and referral, either over the telephone or face to face contact, and support at some domestic violence courts
  • We provide education and counselling about the nature and impact of domestic violence on all family members



“Mensline acknowledges and actively promotes the notion that when provided with clear and practical strategies to expand behavioural choice, men have the capacity for positive change and are often grateful for the chance to change behaviours”