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For an explanation of what constitutes Sexual Assault click here

It doesn’t matter whether the assault took place today, last week or twenty years ago; our experienced telephone counsellors provide a sensitive, non –judgmental service; listening to your story and assessing your individual situation helps them identify the best advice and support to offer you.

If English is not your first language we can arrange for an interpreter, often from within our team, and at no cost to you.

In the case of a very recent assault not only can we give you the emotional support you need but importantly we can provide practical advice about forensic and medical examination, risk of becoming pregnant, local services you can access, as well as how to make a complaint to the police.

The impact of sexual violence upon survivors can be considerable, no matter when it occurred, and may include experiences of anxiety, depression, ‘flash-backs’ and panic attacks, feelings of guilt and worthlessness, and a myriad of other health and social issues.   (For more information click here: What to expect after Sexual Assault)


A large part of our work involves assisting with practical advice for parents, relatives, friends and work colleagues to help them to support someone who has been sexually assaulted or abused

Some of the calls typical to the Helpline see counsellors providing validation and support, information on forensic and general medical processes, accurate information about making a complaint to police, referral and phone numbers for further support in the caller’s local community, and some strategies around self care, healing and keeping safe.

DVConnect has been providing the State-wide Sexual Assault Helpline since 2008 and in that time has assisted close to 16,000 women, men and young people.

We also assist and provide advice and referral to other agencies and workers in the community who are working with survivors of sexual assault or abuse.

Sexual Assault is never your own fault – Sexual Assault is a CRIME.

Rebecca, a young mother with two little children from central West Queensland, was referred by police   Rebecca told the counsellor that she had suffered very severe prolonged sexual violence from her partner. She had to leave because of his violence but he wouldn’t let her take the children. The Sexual Assault Helpline counsellor was able to help her through this difficult time; providing over the phone counselling and support, plus advice about how to arrange for a medical examination and treatment and a referral to a local face to face counselling  service in her area.