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Speech therapy aims to help people who can’t communicate effectively. Speech pathologists can help you if you have problems with speech, language, communication, fluency, or your voice. They often work with children helping a child’s speech develop. Speech pathology can also help if you have problems swallowing food or drinking safely. They can also help with augmentative and alternative communication, in which they help people who have trouble speaking find other ways to communicate.

A speech pathologist can help with communication or swallowing difficulties associated with:

  • developmental delays in children
  • learning problems
  • a stroke or other brain injury
  • intellectual disability
  • cerebral palsy
  • dementia
  • hearing loss
  • other problems that affect speech and language

They can also help with other communication problems, such as stuttering.

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Galangoor Duwulami Primary Health Care Service – Maryborough is located in the suburb of Maryborough, the council of Fraser Coast, the state electorate of Maryborough and the federal electorate of Wide Bay.