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Good ear and eye health is important for your health and wellbeing. An audiologist can help with your hearing (your ears) whilst and optometrist can help with your sight (or eyes).

Audiologist: Audiologists test hearing and assess the nature of hearing disorders. They are responsible for the non-medical management and rehabilitation of hearing loss and associated disorders of communication.

Optometrist: Optometrists are experts in eye health, trained to prescribe spectacles (glasses) and contact lenses and treat a range of eye conditions such as dry eye, allergies, and infections. You should visit an optometrist when experiencing blurry vision or a change in vision but the broad range of reasons to visit an optometrist include allergies, diabetes, red eye, flashing lights, and excessive discharge.

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Galangoor Duwulami Primary Health Care Service – Maryborough is located in the suburb of Maryborough, the council of Fraser Coast, the state electorate of Maryborough and the federal electorate of Wide Bay.