Disability Employment & Training Services

About Us

Jobmatch has been assisting people with barriers to employment for the past 20 years.  Specialising in people with an illness, injury or disability, Jobmatch has grown from a staff of 4 in 1992 to be the largest and most successful disability placement agency in the Gympie region.  Currently Jobmatch employs 12 specially trained full time staff to work with employers to provide on the job support to over 250 jobseekers.  This team is backed up by experienced administrative support staff, ensuring all of the hassle from employing new staff is removed.

About 20% of the population have barriers to employment because of a disability.  Traditionally, these people have been shunned by employers through the misconception that they may not be as productive as others.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  By employing people with disability businesses can

·         attract and retain the best candidates from a wider talent pool;

• retain other employees who have valuable experience and knowledge should they acquire a disability;

• reduce hiring and training costs;

• improve productivity through innovation and technology;

• reduce sick leave and early ‘medical’ retirements;

• strengthen workplace morale;

• customise products and services to increase profitability;

• attract a broader customer base and increase customer loyalty;

• reduce workplace incidents

Jobmatch can also assist an employer who has a staff member who has found their job becoming more difficult as time progresses.  This often happens when a person cannot continue in a physically demanding position.  In cases such as this, Jobmatch can arrange for a free worksite assessment to see if the employee could benefit from workplace modifications or adaptations.  In many cases, this allows for a skilled and knowledgeable employee to continue to be of considerable benefit to the employer.  Wage subsidies are another area that Jobmatch can assist an employer taking on a new employee.  These subsidies come with very few strings attached and compensate the employer for the extra training that may be involved with any new employee.

Jobmatch provides an individualised program for each jobseeker.  On the job support is provided if required until the employer and jobseeker are satisfied the jobseeker is competent in all aspects of the job.  This support can be ongoing ensuring both the employer and the jobseeker have specialised assistance immediately. .Jobmatch is the largest and most successful disability placement agency in the Gympie region. We offer support in finding and keeping a job, Transport, aids and equipment. We also offer links to other community organisations and support services. Jobmatch can be contacted on 54821633 or via email at [email protected].  Their office is situated at 16 O’Connell street Gympie should you wish to personally discuss you particular needs.

Quick Facts About The Region

Jobmatch Employment Agency is located in the suburb of Gympie, the council of Gympie, the state electorate of Gympie and the federal electorate of Wide Bay.