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Police-Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) - Logan City

Queensland Police-Citizens Youth Welfare Association

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About Us

The Queensland Police-Citizens Youth Welfare Association has made a valuable and positive contribution to the future of countless young people since it first began activities in 1948. Through the hard work of Police Officers, staff and thousands of caring volunteers and members of the community a tradition has developed that is unique to Australia. These nine objectives provide a framework around which the activity programs of the PCYC branches are based. These are: * To afford the young people of Queensland the opportunity to participate in clean and healthy recreation; * To improve the standard of physical fitness; * To encourage an interest in Australian flora and fauna; * To encourage the principles of good citizenship; * To encourage and foster music, literature, art and culture; * To awaken citizens to their responsibilities towards adolescents; and * To assist boys and girls to select their future vocations; * To promote the physical, mental and social welfare of youth, who, by physical or other handicaps or because of the indigent circumstances of their parents, may be regarded as under-privileged; * To do anything conducive to the welfare of youth and citizens generally. Whilst the objectives may be reminiscent of the time when they were written, the general message remains just as relevant and important today as it was then. To provide all possible guidance to assist young people through their formative years. Improving communities through youth development: Our new youth management team welcomes new members from 13 - 19 years of age for organised social events and dance parties.

Quick Facts About The Region

Police-Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) - Logan City is located in the suburb of Logan Central, the council of Logan, the state electorate of Woodridge and the federal electorate of Rankin.