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About Us

With the physical, emotional and social challenges carer’s face, there is a critical need for extensive support, resources and timely information.

Isolation, exhaustion, anxiety, guilt and many more negative repercussions are the results not seeking for support.

Support comes in different forms; as such, it’s about having access to the right information at the right time.

Carers Couch aim is to establish a One-Stop-Shop which offers the carer a compass with which to navigate all facets of caring for loved ones with a cancer diagnosis. We assist with discovering the skills, support and knowledge required in order to offer the quality care they so desire to bestow - both to themselves and their loved ones.

The purpose at Carer’s Couch is to -

•   Create an awareness of the range of tools and support mechanisms on offer for carers.

•   Provide access for carers to resources that will assist and support their wellbeings, such as video interviews with both professionals and individuals who share their experience and expertise.

•   Assemble a wide range of service groups to support the carers journey through the facilitation of B2B and B2C transactions.

•   Support carers 1:1 through our Carers Concierge Service which includes a free assessment and consultation over Skype to assist with finding the right and needed resources. 


Quick Facts About The Region

Gravity Care Pty Ltd is located in the suburb of St Kilda, the council of Port Phillip City and the federal electorate of Melbourne Ports.