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About Us

"Help I've fallen & can't get up." 

CareCallingNow is a leading provider of proactive care calls direct to your home to check if your loved ones are OK, giving "You Peace Of Mind" knowing that your loved one, living home alone, is OK.

CareCallingNow can call as many times as needed every day, at whatever time is most convenient for your elderly parent or loved one to reassure you, to check that your loved one, is safe & secure in their own home.

This CareCallingNow service doesn't rely on your loved one wearing a pendant or wrist band.
Being able to respond by pushing the alert button when you are down & out.
A pendant type alarm assumes they are able to use the alert device

To provide you and your loved ones with the best possible level of response CareCallingNow makes automated calls to your loved ones who must answer their phone to let us know they are OK EVERY DAY

The service is usually provided once every 24 hours but can be used as many times as required to ensure your loved ones are OK.

No special equipment is required, your normal house phone, mobile or VOIP are all suitable

All this for LESS THAN ONE Dollar per day

This CareCallingNow service is suitable for;

  1. Primarily designed for older folk living by themselves and wishing to remain living safely independently. 
  2. Elderly couples especially where one is the primary care for an incapacitated partner. 
  3. People who have fallen or have a number of falls
  4. Single people of any age where they might want a loved one the arrived home after work and ar OKAY
  5. People worried about what happens to pets should they die and not be found immediately.

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CareCallingNow Cares

  • An Automated Daily Care Call for YOUR PEACE OF MIND.
  • Your Loved One/s are Called EVERY DAY
  •  Up to 2 Alternate Numbers Included
  •  NO Contracts* – you can cancel anytime
  •  NO Setup Cost
  • If the call isn't answered then help will be called