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About Us

Established in 1964, the Asthma Foundation is an autonomous, voluntary, medico-social organisation dedicated to the alleviation of asthma in our community. The Foundation's activities include the planning and funding of medical research and the conduct of a range of advisory, counselling and group education programs to assist patients and carers and professional in all aspects of asthma. Its operations are dependent on the support of the public of Western Australia and on volunteers and members. Programmes provided by the Foundation include Adult Asthma Swim. Triple E runs twice a year during the school holidays to teach children about asthma and sport.

Activities: School holiday program, FREE education session, adult asthma swim program, professional training, smoke free baby, NAPS, resources

Fees: Membership to Asthma Foundation $25 per year

Available To: All welcome

Supporting Disabilities: Asthma & allergies relating to asthma

Accessibility: Shop facilities that sell products (not medication) including dust mite covers, spacers, neb's, asthma friendly suncreen, books etc

Publications: O2 Newsletter

Resources: A full time staffed information and resource centre, a newsletter, resource kit/display material, community education courses, technical equipment information, supply, demonstration and counselling

Quick Facts About The Region

Asthma Foundation of Western Australia Inc is located in the suburb of West Perth, the council of Perth and the federal electorate of Perth.