General Disability Services

About Us

This service has a number of functions - parent education on the importance of play for development (0-4 years), home visiting service providing appropriate advice on play activities for children referred to SCDC with developmental delay (0-4 years), demonstrating appropriate play to parents of children with developmental delay, assisting parents in the manufacture of home made toys, resources to eligible clients. Play and learning Parent Handouts available via Internet or Dept of Health's Health ìInfoline(1300135030)

Activities: Play activities, toy making

Open: Core hours 9.00am to 3.00pm Monday to Friday

Fees: Nil for eligible clients

Available To: Children with developmental needs

Supporting Disabilities: Developmental delays: most disabilities for eligible clients

Publications: Twenty-two pamphlets on Play and Learning available from WA Department of Health

Resources: Professionaly staffed information and resource centre, a home visiting therapeutic play program available to eligible clients referred to State ChildeDevelopment Centre

Quick Facts About The Region

Play and Learning Programme is located in the suburb of West Perth, the council of Perth and the federal electorate of Perth.