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Many people are missing teeth, some choose to do something about them, others are happy with the gap. As long as you have information to all the pros and cons, we don’t mind what you choose, it’s your mouth! However, missing teeth are more than just a cosmetic issue — they can cause serious problems with the function of your mouth and jaw over time.

Replace missing teeth

Missing teeth cause the neighbouring teeth to shift, to move down, tip forwards and even backwards. Teeth ultimately hit together in a way they are not designed to, which then accelerates their wear and tear. Tooth loss can negatively affect the way we eat and speak.  At Balgowlah dental clinic, we have multiple ways to replace missing teeth, with a brief outline of each below.

Dental Bridge

A bridge is a fixed way to replace a missing tooth. It relies on one or two neighbouring teeth to be reshaped and hold an artificial tooth across the gap. It is a much faster and slightly cheaper treatment option than a dental implant. When the neighbouring teeth are already heavily filled or damaged, we can simultaneously strengthen them and replace the missing tooth, often correcting any colour and other defects at the same time. Learn more here.

Dental Implants

Implants are another fixed way to replace a missing tooth. It is an artificial root made of titanium that sits in the bone to provide a base for the artificial crown to be fixed on top. It generally takes a few months after the root is placed before you can get the new crown on top. At Balgowlah Dental Clinic, we work together with a specialist in complicated cases such as if a tooth has been missing for a long time, to ensure there is sufficient bone support for the implant to sit in. Learn more here.


Denture are a removable solution when multiple teeth are lost, and patients wish to replace them quickly and relatively inexpensively. Our bespoke prostheses are made by a specialist with over 30 years of experience. We have access to a wide variety of materials ranging from transitional dentures, to long term dentures for patients with few teeth remaining. Learn more here.

Wisdom teeth removal and dental extractions

Wisdom teeth are the very last teeth at the back of the mouth, and they can start coming through from the ages of 16 onwards.  They often do not grow through properly, and are stuck behind other teeth. This is known as impaction, which can cause numerous issues such as pain, swelling and infection, or damaging or pushing the teeth in front of them. Learn more here.

Root canal treatment

All teeth have a space containing a nerve inside that can become infected if germs get into it, either by a crack, decay or trauma. Root canal treatment or nerve treatment is the cleaning out of the space inside a tooth and filling it up to stop germs returning. Often the tooth needs to restored with a strong ceramic cap afterwards to stop it from breaking and restore a natural appearance. This allows the tooth to be kept in the mouth for chewing and smiling. It is ideal to keep your natural teeth for as long as you can, as it gives you options for replacement in the future, rather than taking the tooth out and leaving a gap. Learn more here.

Plastic Filling

White fillings or composite resins are the most common way to fix teeth. Teeth can be damaged for a number of reasons, from decay, trauma and cracks from grinding. Insufficient cleaning between teeth, too little fluoride and a diet high in sugars (yes, fruit is a cause of decay as well!) can all cause teeth to rot. Just because a hole in a tooth isn’t hurting, doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem. Learn more here.

Dental cap/crown and ceramic fillings

Caps or crowns are durable, good looking restorations made outside the mouth, then permanently cemented onto teeth. Some tooth structure is sacrificed during the reshaping of the tooth, but they protect heavily filled teeth against chewing forces, and hold teeth together when time and disease have taken their toll on the natural tooth. Many factors affect what kind of crown will be placed, and how long it will last. Most importantly, the amount of tooth remaining is a crucial factor, as well as how much force you place on it, and how well you look after it. Learn more here.

Ceramic veneers

Veneers are fingernail sized pieces of porcelain or plastic placed over the reshaped surface of your teeth to enhance their appearance. They can be used in pairs, to a set of 6, or even all the teeth displayed in a smile. We always have an extensive conversation with our patients, to understand what they want, and what fits their face and smile the best. Learn more here.

Clear aligners –multiple systems

Everybody wants a great smile, but a lot of us need help getting there. More and more people are having success with clear orthodontic devices called aligners. Aligners are a series of tight-fitting custom-made mouthpieces that slip over the teeth.
At Balgowlah Dental Clinic, we create a custom treatment plan where were take a mold of the teeth to create a 3D animation. You are able to see a digital preview of your new smile before the aligners are created. You can adjust the length, position and anything else you desire of the final position of your teeth, and we can give you an estimate of the treatment time.
you want straight teeth! Learn more here.

Tooth Whitening

The safest, most effective tooth whitening will be performed by your dentist as we can legally use the most concentrated — and thus most effective — whitening solutions. Over-the-counter treatments can be less effective and riskier. Learn more here.

Excessive teeth clenching and grinding

Bruxism is a condition where you unconsciously and needlessly grind or clench your teeth, either while awake or asleep.
People who clench or grind their teeth during sleep are more likely to have other sleep disorders, such as snoring and pauses in breathing (sleep apnea). Learn more here.

Gum disease treatment and maintenance 

Everyone knows most people need a scale and clean every 6 months. But not every clean is the same! At Balgowlah Dental Clinic, we take our time to gently and thorough clean all around your teeth and gums, and double and triple check our work with hand instruments, floss and xrays if needed. It’s definitely not a 5 minute buzz with the squeaky thing!
Oral hygiene is the basis of having a healthy mouth. If you have swollen, bleeding gums, or want to fix you bad breath, we can help. If teeth haven’t been cleaned properly for a long time, the germs living around the gums can harden from plaque, into tartar, then eat away the gum and bone supporting the teeth. This is a slow and painless process, but it is irreversible. Learn more here.





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